Baseus Heyo Hidden Camera Detector Black (FMHY000001)

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Baseus Heyo hidden camera detector black (FMHY000001)

The discreet hidden camera detector will give you a peaceful getaway where you don't have to worry about being recorded or observed by hidden cameras in your hotel room, changing room, public bathroom or other public places. With this device, you can easily scan every room and all its nooks and crannies.

The Heyo model has a 60 mAh battery . It works wirelessly, so all you need to do is charge it with a USB - Type C cable. The battery lasts up to 720 hours of standby time on one full charge.

Using the scanner is very simple. Just turn on the detector and look through the lens to scan the room. If there is a hidden camera in it, the place where it is hidden will be marked with light reflected from the lens.

Are you a public figure and you absolutely need to take care of your image in every situation? Are you afraid that a hidden camera has been installed in your property or at work? Use the camera detector from Baseus! All you need to do is scan the room and the scanner will show you where the camera is hidden through bright light reflecting from the camera lens.

The device has a built-in battery with a capacity of 60mAh and thanks to the USB Type C port it can be charged with a traditional charger. The device can operate in two modes:

  • constant - infrared light is lit continuously
  • step - infrared light shines with intermittent light


  • Name: Baseus Heyo Camera Detector
  • Brand: Baseus
  • Ean:6932172613693
  • Model: BS-HA016
  • Black colour
  • Weight: 15g
  • Charging port: USB Type C
  • Battery capacity: 60mAh
  • Material: ABS + PC


  • You can easily scan any room
  • Up to 720 hours of standby time on a single full charge
  • Very discreet and inconspicuous - small in size and very light.
  • Detects any camera, regardless of where it is placed.
  • Advanced 3D sensing technology ensures better recognition and capture of invisible lights.