Baseus Active Capacitive Stylus Pen (ACSXB-B02)
Baseus Active Capacitive Stylus Pen (ACSXB-B02)
Baseus Active Capacitive Stylus Pen (ACSXB-B02)
Baseus Active Capacitive Stylus Pen (ACSXB-B02)
Baseus Active Capacitive Stylus Pen (ACSXB-B02)
Baseus Active Capacitive Stylus Pen (ACSXB-B02)
Baseus Active Capacitive Stylus Pen (ACSXB-B02)
Baseus Active Capacitive Stylus Pen (ACSXB-B02)
Baseus Active Capacitive Stylus Pen (ACSXB-B02)
Baseus Active Capacitive Stylus Pen (ACSXB-B02)
Baseus Active Capacitive Stylus Pen (ACSXB-B02)

Stylus Baseus Smooth Writing Capacitive Stylus (white) ACSXB-C02

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Stylus Baseus Smooth Writing Capacitive Stylus (white) ACSXB-C02

Thanks to this stylus pen, operation of iPad gets smoother and more pleasurable than ever before! You can enjoy having an aesthetic and reliable item which will meet all your needs.

• Writing and filling fields in have never been so fast, smooth and free from problems. You can write without problems, and your stylus pen leaves a perfectly even trace on the screen. You can simultaneously write in comfortable conditions because you can rest your palm on the screen, just like on the paper.

• Use as you like
Vertically or at the angle of 60o or 45o – it is possible to use this stylus pen conveniently in any position. Be precise and careful when writing, drawing and painting even minor details, no fatigue of your hand.
• Replaceable tips
A black tip of this stylus pen is a „passive” part used as an ordinary touch phone stylus pen. If it is worn-out, you can replace the tip with a new one:
Unscrew the tip in an anti-clockwise direction.
Apply and screw the new tip in.
Still use your stylus pen.
• Use of the gadget
It is convenient to use this stylus pen due to its shape and low weight. In terms of functions and design, the product is perfect for iPads and will serve you for a long time. Thanks to a magnetic housing, it is always at hand, and losing risk is nearly non-existent. Shortly after taking out of the box, it is ready for use and you don’t have to install any application.
• When full, the device can operate for up to 8,5 hours. The battery of 130 mAh in standby mode is able to work for 12 months. Charging takes places through port USB type C.
Brand Baseus
Model ACSXB-C02
Charging time about 60 min
Interface USB-C
Charging voltage / current 5V / 0.13A
Battery Lithium Polymer, 130mAh
Time of use 8.5 hours
Standby 12 months
Smart energy saving automatic shutdown after 5 minutes of non-use
Weight 15.8g
Dimensions 165 x 9 mm
Compatibility iPad Pro 2021 11 "
iPad Pro 2021 12.9"
iPad mini 6 7.9 "
iPad Air 4 A2316 / A2325 10.9"
iPad 8 A2270 / A2428 / A2429 / A2430 10.2 "
iPad Pro A2229 / A2233 12.9", A2228 / A2233 12.9 "
iPad 7 A2197 / A2198 / A2200 10.2"
iPad Pro 3 A1876 / A2014 / A1895 / A1983 12.9 "
iPad Pro A1980 / A2013 / A1934 / A1979 11"
iPad Air 3 A2152 / A2123 / A2153 / A2154 10.5 "
iPad mini 5 A2133 / A2124 / A2126 / A2125 7.9 "
iPad 6 A1893 / A1954 9.7"
Cable length 0.5 m
Material Aluminum alloy
Color white


ACSXB-C02 from Baseus will prove itself during both writing and drawing. Ideal for office workers and students who write their work on the tablet. It works without delays and interruptions, drawing precise lines. With palm rejection technology, you can freely rest your hand on the screen, just like on a piece of paper.

ReliableThe ACSXB-C02 makes tablet use smoother and more enjoyable than ever. The device works without any interruptions or delays. And with palm rejection technology, you can rest your hand freely on the tablet while typing or drawing, so you don't have to worry about accidentally exiting an application.

Use, as you like

Depending on which angle you use the ACSXB-C02, the line width will change. If you are taking notes, write at a 90° angle for smaller, precise characters, or 60° for a medium line width. On the other hand, using the stylus at a 45° angle will certainly work well for drawing.

Compact design

The magnetic, compact design of the device allows you to clip it to your tablet to prevent loss and ensure stability. The ACSXB-C02 is quite lightweight, and the matte finish ensures comfort during prolonged use. In addition, the stylus is made of a material that protects the screen from scratches.

Ready to use

The ACSXB-C02 is very simple to operate. The device is ready to use right out of the box. You don't need an app, nor is there any need to connect to the tablet wirelessly. However, if you have previously connected an Apple Pencil to an iPad, you must first disconnect the device in question before operating the ACSXB-C02.

Long working time

Thanks to the battery of 130 mAh capacity, the device from Baseus can work on a single charge for 8.5 hours. However, the standby time is about 12 months. To save energy, device turns off after 5 minutes of non-use. LED diode will inform you about the work of the device.

Fast and easy charging

The charging port of the device is located at the top of the device, simply remove the plug and connect the ACSXB-C02 to the charger using the USB-C cable included. The charging time is approximately one hour.