Baseus Simple Life Car Wash Suit (with Foam Pot, Washing Towel, Adhesive Tape For Water)Black TZCRXC-01

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  • Simple Life Suit TZCRXC-01

    The Baseus Simple Life Car Wash Suit includes a car wash liquid, a liquid reservoir - a foam gun (mounted on the Baseus nozzle), a polishing cloth and a tape for protection.

    With the Baseus car cleaning kit, your car will always be clean and tidy.

    The system is placed along the wash hose, as the water passes through it, it mixes with the liquid soap in its container, providing a foamy wash.

The car cleaning kit includes a special nozzle into which you can pour shampoo for use with the Baseus car wash. Also included is a small supply of shampoo and tape for wrapping the joints to avoid leaks and more secure fastening. There is also a large cloth for wiping away moisture and dirt


  • Brand: Baseus
  • Model: TZCRXC-01
  • Foam Making Kettle: 100ml
  • Towel: 40cm*30cm.
  • Water Tape: 6m*15mm*0.075mm (total length: 6 meters).
  • Liquid: 60ml.
  • Package Size: Approx. 500g/17.64oz.
  • Package Weight: Approx. 24*14*11cm/9.45* 5.51*4.33inch.
  • Color: Black


Fast and convenient
Compared to sponges and wipes, applying detergent through a sprayer takes much less time. Gradually distributing the flow throughout the body, you will treat the entire car in a matter of minutes. In addition, this method minimizes the contact of your hands with the car shampoo.

Additional accessories
The creators of the set have foreseen all the intricacies of car washing. Yes, waterproof tape measuring 6 m x 15 mm will come in handy for processing joints and secure fastening. Also included in the package is a soft fabric napkin measuring 40 x 30 cm. After washing, it will help to wipe the body and polish the surface a little.

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